Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

While preparing for the big day there was a lot of things I did to make sure I felt very confident in myself while walking down the aisle. With all eyes on me I wanted to a make a good impression and feel my absolute best! One of those big things was whitening my teeth!  I used Smile Brilliant to make sure I had a bright and white smile!!!


To get started is so easy and mailed to your door step. You get a starter kit in the mail to do the impression of your teeth. You send the impressions off and not long after you will receive your trays When they send your trays you use their whitening gel and if you have sensitive teeth they have a desensitize gel to use too. I typically will whiten my teeth at night when I am getting ready for bed. So its part of my routine and


I have used multiple whitening products and they would make my teeth very sensitive and really not much of a difference. With Smile Brilliant I used once and already noticed a whiter shade! So I am sticking to what works!


In my line of work with Real estate, I am constantly talking and meeting with people. So I feel that your mouth is very big focal point and needs to be fabulous. So while meeting clients I have felt so more confident! I think everyone deserves a chance at a confident smile and Smile Brilliant is amazing and effective.

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