My Top 10 Product MUST HAVES!

In a daily routine these are some products that I have found to work best for me to get me through my crazy days.

1.Chanel Mascara

I always get asked about my mascara. I have tried alot of different brands. Chanel by far has been my fav! It gives you bold, flawless lashes. I do not use waterproof mascara but if you do they also have the same one for waterproof. This is $32.  Shop here!

2. Its a 10! Miracle Leave In Product

My natural hair is curly, so this really helps to keep my hair soft and tangle free! I use this every time I get out of the shower. I personally buy the big bottle because I use it so often. The prices of bottles range from $12.33-$37.03. I Love it! Shop here!

3.  Moroccanoil Treatment Original

My stylist recommended this product to me and oh my was she right! This is one is a for sure must have. This product can be used for conditioning, styling or a finishing tool. When my ends look a little dry I put about a dime size in my hand and run thru the ends, this makes a world of difference. Prices range from $15-$44. I have had mine for a year and still have alot left. So it will last you some time:) Shop here!

4. Chanel Makeup Remover

I have tried everything for makeup remover and had a hard time finding something that took the makeup off as well as being sensitive on the skin. I do not like an oily consistency and this one is not at all. Once I get all my makeup off my face feels fresh and clean! This product is $34! Shop Here!


5. Its Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

My skin especially my face seems to get very dry in certain seasons of the year. I have been using Confidence in a Cream for about 6 months now and no complaints. Keeps my face bright and moisturized all day and night. I apply twice a day, once before I put my makeup on and before I go to bed. It also has Anti-Aging Armour Rejuvenating Concentrate in the formula. It’s $48 and one of their best sellers! Shop here!

6. Its Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC+ Cream

I have tried alot of foundations, and by far this is my favorite. This products gives you that flawless, full coverage with 50 SPF with anti- aging hydrating serum. Ya I know thats a lot of greatness in one bottle. This is my go to foundation to get that great complexion and brightening healthy skin. The foundation paired with their powder gives that airbrush look for perfection! The liquid foundation is $38 and the airbrush powder is $35. Click on pic to shop!


7. Ultra Balm Lotion

This lotion is the! It is not greasy or oily at all. It moistures your skin and makes it silky smooth. I always keep a tube in my purse and Its perfect! Its 19.95 for the tube or you can get a jar. Shop here!

8.Tarte- Concealer

I have tried so many concealers, and this one by far has been my favorite. It really brightens, smoothes and conceals  perfectly. Its only $25 and you can shop here!

9.Tresemme- Pre Styling Spray

This product is new for me but so far it has made a difference. It not only protects my hair, makes it easier to style but also smells amazing!!! And did I mention its on $5?!?!? You can shop this product here!

10. Neutrogena – Refine Pore Toner

I have recently started using this and I am in LOVE! Really cleared up my face and reduced the size of pores. I have only been using for a week and def a must have especially when its only $9!! You can shop for it here!

I hope yall enjoyed my must haves right now. I am always up to try new products and recommendations. Stay tuned to more fashion & lifestyle tips!


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