Texas Strong after Hurricane Harvey

What a crazy week? If you have been on any social media or news lately you have seen that Texas was hit very hard by Hurricane Harvey. While, My family and I are very fortunate to not have had any damage, our surrounding areas were not. The devastation is completely sickening.



While driving around the Rockport, Tx area 2 days after tragedy hit there were people coming to their destroyed homes to salvage what they could. Seeing this was a big eye opener to me. That no matter what your plans are for your life that anything can be take at any given second. These people did not plan for this and weren’t prepared for everything to be taken. To see that people lost EVERYTHING. Their homes, businesses, animals, food etc. Their life is turned upside down. But then there was a lady that came to get food for her family at our station. I was in complete sadness when she said she lost everything. Then I heard her say “We will overcome this and com back STRONGER.” To hear that come from someone that lost everything, really made me stop and think

Texans are proud to live in the state we live in. We WILL overcome this TOGETHER. No matter if you were not affected by this your state was. Here is the time to come together and to come back stronger than ever. If you were affected by Hurricane Harvey then we are here for you! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!


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